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Cribbs Set to Ball at ‘The Mount’






Ron Bailey, Publisher


November 16, 2006Mount St. Mary’s University, has long been a destination for talented East Coast players, willing to receive a good education at this liberal arts institution located in Emmitsburg, Maryland - a short distance from the Pennsylvania border. Marlin T. Cribbs is the next in line.

Cribbs, a 6’5”+, 210lb senior forward at DeMatha Catholic High School, shared his motivation for choosing Mount St. Mary’s at the school’s recent signing day. “It was a late decision” he shared. “It came down to my top three choices, UMBC, Mount St. Mary’s, and Marist.

Marlon T. Cribbs feels 'The Mount' is "a great place for me to be".

“It just came down to me and my family. The people there are great. Great program, great surroundings. I think I’m surrounding myself around success. I think it’s the best choice for me”.

Mount St. Mary’s, or ‘The Mount’ as it’s commonly referred to boasts an impressive athletic history, including basketball coaching icon Jim Phelan’s 830 wins and 1962 National Championship, in addition to 11 track and field Olympians. Marlon simply replied “Yes sir”, when asked if that athletic pedigree influenced his decision.

The school’s remote location also played a part. “It was a long way up” Marlon shared, when discussing his official visit. “I think there, I can stay more focused, as I said, because of the surroundings. It’s not necessarily a party school. I can focus on my schoolwork, which I need to do”.

DeMatha’s eight year assistant coach, Reginald Veney, believes Cribb’s decision is a good fit for the young man. “It’s a good place, because they like to go up and down, and he’s a very athletic player” said Veney. “And he has a chance to play right away. College is no fun if you are not playing”.

DeMatha assistant coach Reggie Veney indicated Cribbs "will be a 6th or 7th man for us, depending on the matchup". He also estimated Marlon's '05-'06 statline to be "about 6 points, and 6 rebounds".

This season at DeMatha - in which the school is primed to make a run at a high school national championship - the school’s head coach, Mike Jones, thinks the time is abreast for Marlon to be a key component in the team’s mix. “He’s come through our program, all three teams (freshman, junior varsity, and varsity), and played a good role for us last year” said DeMatha’s talented leader. “And his role is going to greatly increase this year again”.

Veney provided more specifics as to what those duties will entail. “Marlon is a real high energy kid, a real effort kid” he offered.

“A lot of times we put him on our opponent’s best offensive player. And he’s a very good rebounder”.

We at i95Ballerz.com would like to commend Marlon T. Cribbs on his college scholarship, as well as making himself into a Division I basketball player. Additionally, he is on a team that can make history this year.

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